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Quit Smoking - Set Yourself Free!

From a naturopathic perspective, the reasons for an imbalance in health or the reasons why someone has become a smoker are unique for each person. This is why a treatment protocol should be tailored to the individual. In a nutshell, this is the holistic approach. Holistic medicine involves nutritional advice, counseling and targeted nutritional, herbal and/or homeopathic medicines that address the root causes.

Quit smoking programs – Why one size fits all doesn’t work

There is a range of retail products available to help people quit smoking. Some herbal formulations and patches provide symptomatic treatment aimed at calming the nervous system. However, a naturopath should first assess where the individual patient is at when addressing nervous system symptoms: Is stress the overriding state or is it fatigue and exhaustion? This needs to be specifically addressed.

Other approaches, such as hypnosis, attempt to induce behavioural changes but don’t address the biochemical drivers of addiction, such as the physiological effects of stress or fatigue, blood sugar dysregulation, imbalances in brain chemistry, etc.

Nicotine replacement therapy aims to wean smokers off nicotine by replacing the nicotine the body craves via an alternative route – patches. But just think how difficult is it to wean yourself off substances you crave (e.g. biscuits or chocolate) by cutting down….

The latest in prescription drug therapy is Champix (varenicline) by Pfizer, though serious side effects have been reported: This drug targets the brain’s chemical messengers in the area controlling our sense of reward that is otherwise triggered by smoking a cigarette. However, specific nutritional supplementation can also stimulate the brain’s reward chemicals without any detrimental consequence for your health.                                                                                                                    

The Set Yourself Free Quit Smoking Program  -  A two-phase approach:

Phase I – Smoking Cessation 

    Curbs cravings for cigarettes

    Individualised nervous system support

    Balances brain chemistry

    Liver support

    Antioxidant support

    Nutritional advice and coping strategies

Phase II – Integrated Detoxification 

    Prepares the inner terrain to facilitate efficient detoxification

    Integrated detoxification support, beyond a mere liver-kidney-gut detox.

    Antioxidant protection, since the processing of toxins by the liver generates increased free radicals

    Immune system support

    Provides specific organ support, depending on the needs of the individual

    Nutritional advice to enhance detoxification

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