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Skin Health: Don't Let it Get under Your Skin

According to Hering’s Law of Cure, we heal from the inside out. This means that dealing with skin problems from the outside alone will rarely resolve your chronic skin condition. Naturopathic treatment will address the whole person to help you heal from within.  Read more

Healthy Ageing Strategies

Growing older is inevitable but it need not be a landslide into misery. Taking charge of your health now, no matter what your age, can prevent and reverse many detrimental effects of any past unhealthful habits, so you can enjoy a more empowered mature age ahead.  Read more

Weight Loss: Seeing the Lighter Side of Overweight

Says a doctor to her patient: "You'll lose weight on any strict diet, but it's mostly water…. from crying."  Read more

Detoxification: The Transformational Medicine

Treat yourself to an integrated detox program based on nutrition and homotoxicology - a program that goes well beyond a mere liver-gut-kidney detox.

Say goodbye to feeling congested, tired and depleted!  Read more

Quit Smoking - Set Yourself Free!

Breathing is the most basic human function required to sustain our life. Without air life is measured in moments.

For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long  on earth.  (Sanskrit Proverb)    Read more