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Detoxification - The Transformational Medicine

Why Detox?

Toxic encumbrance, our teachers used to say by way of explaining the impediments to healing, the burden our body could no longer throw off efficiently. It would send shivers down my spine, that toxic encumbrance. Sounded like a curse from an evil spirit, not that I believe in those – the only ones out there are quite benign.

Toxicity is of ever growing concern in our modern world. We’re manufacturing many new chemicals that are foreign to biological beings and then we inhale them, ingest them and absorb them through our skin. On top of this, we abuse our bodies with the excesses that our fast way of living brings with it: the sugary and refined convenience foods, with their own cocktail of additives, and all the “uppers” we take to help us stay up to speed and the “downers” that let us sink into grateful oblivion at the end of the day.

But our body also has its own way of generating toxic metabolites as part of its normal physiological processes. When these substances are not eliminated they can cause irritation and inflammation, blocking normal bodily functions. This can lead to stagnation in every sense of the word. Symbolically, this conjures up a picture of a pond, murky with decay, because the water can no longer flow freely.

Though our body is naturally equipped to detoxify, it can become overwhelmed with an excess of intake or inadequate elimination.  This creates an internal environment of toxicity that hinders optimal performance of the body’s biochemical and organ processes – that’s the toxic encumbrance that leads to premature ageing, degenerative disease and psychological and emotional imbalance.

Detoxification therapy is an ancient treatment modality, the most deeply-acting and natural form being fasting – not recommended to undertake on your own without naturopathic guidance, unless you’re young, fit and healthy.

Apart from clearing stored toxins from tissues and organs, a detox will boost the body’s ability to generate energy and become more efficient at eliminating metabolic waste. Moreover, detoxification can help us overcome the sticking point to healing when all other therapies have failed. Many intractable conditions – insomnia, overweight, fatigue or psoriasis, to name a few – will better respond to treatment once the body has been liberated from toxic overload. Emotionally, having cleansed from within, it may become easier for us to open up and become receptive to fresh ideas or adopt new ways, as our energy is no longer monopolized by our lower functions of elimination.

At my clinic I offer an integrated detoxification program based on nutritional medicine and homotoxicology - a program that goes well beyond a mere liver-gut-kidney detox.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the blockage of the body’s own detoxification pathways, among them poor diet, stress, insufficient sleep and ingesting non-nutrients, such as artificial food additives,  as well as exposure to pollutants and other synthetic substances.

Programs are individualised and may involve gut repair, immune system balancing or support for specific organs and body systems, such as the skin or the endocrine (hormonal) system.

So, if you’ve been having persistent health problems, sleeping troubles or if you are unable to shift that extra weight, you may be carrying toxins your body cannot deal with. An integrated detoxification could be your path to better health. Call me now to discuss your options.