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Eat Yourself Slim & Healthy Seminar

Is Food Your Enemy?

Then learn to make it your friend.

Come to an Eat Yourself Slim & Healthy Seminar

Find out how to achieve your health goals

and enjoy your food to boot !

* No calorie counting, no gimmicks, no fads

* Learn how you can control your cravings

* See why what you eat, rather than how much you eat really matters

  when it  comes to sustainable weight-loss

* Find out why calorie restriction diets don’t work and how they sabotage your success

* Understand how stress affects weight and what to do about it

* Hear about the paradox of overweight and malnutrition

* Realise that you’ll never again have to eat “99 per cent fat free”

Seminar costs: $ 30 per person - seminar booklet included

Seminars are run at various locations in the community.

Seminars can also be held at your workplace - why not ask your personnel department to set up an appointment with me.