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Talks on Healthy Eating

Presented by Gabriela Thiecke, Naturopath

Is your daily breakfast leaving you edgy and fatigued well before lunchtime?

Do you skip breakfast altogether, thinking this’ll help you lose weight?

Do you feel peckish and irritable soon after having eaten?

Does the daily grind of cooking complex meals make you want to go out and eat take-away?

Are you confused about the myriad views about ‘healthy food’ in the general media?

Then come along to one of my free talks and presentations:

Food Matters - Healthy Eating Explained

Hear about the basic building blocks of a healthy diet.

Questions encouraged!

What you will hear and receive:

*  A brief history of mankind's dietary evolution and the consequences for human

   health today

*  The differences between energy-dense / nutrient-dense foods and their respective

   impact on health

*  Carbohydrates - The good, the bad and the ugly

*  Proteins - Structural building blocks and much more

*  The "F" word: Fats - but why we need them

*  Fibre - More than just the butcher's broom

*  Live foods - What they are and their significance

*  Free recipe handouts and a summary of the talk

Seminars are run at various locations in the community.

Seminars can also be held at your workplace - why not ask your personnel department

to set up an appointment with me.

Fee:       Free of charge

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